I’m sorry, Mother

Forgive me, dear Mother for my selfish acts and careless deeds. I know, I hurt you when I throw away the leftovers on my plate, when I didn’t put an effort to finish my meal and for ignoring the food you bear to us. I could have done something better about it but no, I just waste it.
I’m certain that you’re disappointed but don’t think that I don’t give it a thought, I do actually, it just become somehow normal to me. There are times when I’m not in the mood to eat,  one minute I’m hungry the next, I’m already full.  I frequently dish out more than what I can eat. My bad habit also get into mom’s nerves. She’s always like “Sinabi ko naman sa’yo, kumuha ka lang ng kaya mong ubusin.” My friends also know this and they’re like “Sayang! Ang daming batang nagugutom.”
I’m guilty and I’m sorry about it. Believe me, I’m trying to improve my habit. I’m really putting my best effort. It came to me last Wednesday the pleasure of finishing breakfast. I didn’t mind when I came to class 30 minutes late because I think I’m a step ahead in becoming better.


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