Reading the Visuals

Depression is not a new issue but many don’t fully understand what it is. Media has been a part of giving information about depression in the form of infomercial, news and print ads.

This is a print ad for depression from Samaritans of Singapore. I think this is an excellent ad because it is in ambigram and the readers or viewers of this ad may get two messages depending on what direction they will look. The text says ‘I’m fine’- the line of depressed people and ‘Save me’- what they really mean. I like that the text is carved so it’s like a depressed person done it. The ad used brown for their color because brown represents the need for security and belonging which depressed people may feel. It only not sympathize depressed people but also give other people an idea of what they’re going through and make them understand how they feel because only few can see what is real.


A creative and good environmental ad that encourages planting more trees. “Every leaf traps CO2.  Plant for the planet”, the text says. A single leaf is on the ad to do the talking. You may not realize at first glance what is on the leaf but the longer you look, the more you realize what it is. Factories releasing thick smokes can be seen in the leaf being the CO2 absorbed thus, giving emphasize to the picture.  The ad used a light shade of green for the leaf  but the edges are yellow like it’s starting to dry. The ad is not full of design but the message is clear.



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