An Escape from Media

So,my professor in one of my major subjects asked the class to try the 12-hour no media challenge. It started at 12mn until 12nn of November 11. It is not forced but I tried my best to survive the task. I don’t mind the first seven hours for I am sleeping at that time. But when I woke up, I kept having these thoughts, I should check my twitter. Nah, I’ll violate the task. I should check my inbox. Nope. I shouldn’t. I feel a little crazy because I have these arguments with myself whether to turn on the tv or just eat my breakfast in silence.  Really, media is a big thing to me. It’s odd that I can’t play tracks on my playlist to energize the day. It’s an unusual morning to me.

While waiting for the expiration time, I noticed the other productive things that I can do when I’m not on media. I got to clean my room and my messy cabinet. I become aware why my mom had those comments whenever she enters my room. I realized that I am living to a routine. Wake up, check my phone for messages, eat breakfast while scrolling on Twitter or logging in to Facebook, read a chapter or two of the book I’m reading and prepare for school.

After the 12-hour no media challenge, I checked my phone and I got 10 text messages, 9 Facebook notifications, and 3 Twitter interactions. My classmates and I share to each other our feelings about the challenge. We repeatedly say how itchy we are to touch our phones again.


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