5 Things I Learned from my Internship at 93.9 iFM 

This has been an exciting semester for me because this is my internship semester. After seven semesters of gaining knowledge for my major, balancing acads life and org duties and more than three college years of dedicating my time inside the four walls of my school, finally I am out in the corporate world. What makes this exciting is because this is my first real experience in the real world.
We are required to have three internship settings rendering 200 hours for each as stated in our curriculum. I’ve always wanted to have a radio internship ever since I entered Radio and Television Production class during my third year in college. I wanted to know how a radio station operates. And so after my first two internships, I decided to send my resume to radio stations. Thankfully, I landed an internship on iFM. Aside from the technical learnings, I had a lot of fun working with the DJs and other staff there. Also, there are five important lessons I learned from my stay in iFM.

1.  We don’t always end up with the path we planned.

Whether it’s a childhood dream or a career we’ve always wanted there are circumstances in life that leads us to a different road. I learned this from iFM’s station manager and the applicants for the DJ search. You’ll be surprised with the story of their station manager on how he became a DJ and a station manager. Being in the radio industry was never his plan, opportunity just knocked to his door in which he was hesitant at first to welcome. A number of applicants for the DJ search were not in the field of media, even their earned degree are way far from the radion industry. I asked them why they wanted to be a DJ and from the answers that I got from them I concluded a simple answe- it is their passion.

2. Leave a mark.

Apart from doing your best in everything you do, your work must also be noticed. It is one of the memorable words of Sir Rob, the station manager, when he talked with us. According to him, doing your best while sitting in silence would do nothing. We should always be brave to show what we’ve got and be proud of what we can offer.

3. There are no big or small tasks.

There will always be a learning or two in every task that was given to us. It can be learning a new skill, a new place (yes, because you can be lost sometimes when you were sent outside to run an errand), or a new perspective (having a friendly talk with my supervisor and other staff in the studio helped me with this). As an intern, we must not feel low when simple tasks are assigned to us.

4. Never stop doing what you always love to do.

Just because you did not end up with career you’ve always wanted you must not neglect doing your passion because that’s what will keep you going. Even though the profession you are pursuing right now is way far from your passion we must not be tied down. Following our passion will fix our search for a purpose. We must not also hinder ourselves in learning more or enhancing our passion.

5. It is important to smile and be respectful to everyone.

Be ready at all times to wear your smile for you never know you might be facing a significant person. Or even if that person is not significant, even if he or she is a mere stranger. Also, this sets a good first impression to the person you are talking to. That smile may just be the little act of kindness someone is hoping for. I remember when an applicant from Baguio came in the studio. It was two days after the extended audition for the DJ search. He came straight from Baguio, alone. His exhaustion from the long travel and tense feeling for a possible one shot audition were obvious. I was the only intern on that day and there are no other staff present aside from the one DJ that was airing. I smiled and talked to him while waiting for him to try out. I learned that he walked from Aurora Boulevard to Greenhills because he had no idea of what means of transportation will take him in the studio. As we were talking, I can see that he was a little relieved.


I’m sorry, Mother

Forgive me, dear Mother for my selfish acts and careless deeds. I know, I hurt you when I throw away the leftovers on my plate, when I didn’t put an effort to finish my meal and for ignoring the food you bear to us. I could have done something better about it but no, I just waste it.
I’m certain that you’re disappointed but don’t think that I don’t give it a thought, I do actually, it just become somehow normal to me. There are times when I’m not in the mood to eat,  one minute I’m hungry the next, I’m already full.  I frequently dish out more than what I can eat. My bad habit also get into mom’s nerves. She’s always like “Sinabi ko naman sa’yo, kumuha ka lang ng kaya mong ubusin.” My friends also know this and they’re like “Sayang! Ang daming batang nagugutom.”
I’m guilty and I’m sorry about it. Believe me, I’m trying to improve my habit. I’m really putting my best effort. It came to me last Wednesday the pleasure of finishing breakfast. I didn’t mind when I came to class 30 minutes late because I think I’m a step ahead in becoming better.

Reading the Visuals

Depression is not a new issue but many don’t fully understand what it is. Media has been a part of giving information about depression in the form of infomercial, news and print ads.

This is a print ad for depression from Samaritans of Singapore. I think this is an excellent ad because it is in ambigram and the readers or viewers of this ad may get two messages depending on what direction they will look. The text says ‘I’m fine’- the line of depressed people and ‘Save me’- what they really mean. I like that the text is carved so it’s like a depressed person done it. The ad used brown for their color because brown represents the need for security and belonging which depressed people may feel. It only not sympathize depressed people but also give other people an idea of what they’re going through and make them understand how they feel because only few can see what is real.


A creative and good environmental ad that encourages planting more trees. “Every leaf traps CO2.  Plant for the planet”, the text says. A single leaf is on the ad to do the talking. You may not realize at first glance what is on the leaf but the longer you look, the more you realize what it is. Factories releasing thick smokes can be seen in the leaf being the CO2 absorbed thus, giving emphasize to the picture.  The ad used a light shade of green for the leaf  but the edges are yellow like it’s starting to dry. The ad is not full of design but the message is clear.


An Escape from Media

So,my professor in one of my major subjects asked the class to try the 12-hour no media challenge. It started at 12mn until 12nn of November 11. It is not forced but I tried my best to survive the task. I don’t mind the first seven hours for I am sleeping at that time. But when I woke up, I kept having these thoughts, I should check my twitter. Nah, I’ll violate the task. I should check my inbox. Nope. I shouldn’t. I feel a little crazy because I have these arguments with myself whether to turn on the tv or just eat my breakfast in silence.  Really, media is a big thing to me. It’s odd that I can’t play tracks on my playlist to energize the day. It’s an unusual morning to me.

While waiting for the expiration time, I noticed the other productive things that I can do when I’m not on media. I got to clean my room and my messy cabinet. I become aware why my mom had those comments whenever she enters my room. I realized that I am living to a routine. Wake up, check my phone for messages, eat breakfast while scrolling on Twitter or logging in to Facebook, read a chapter or two of the book I’m reading and prepare for school.

After the 12-hour no media challenge, I checked my phone and I got 10 text messages, 9 Facebook notifications, and 3 Twitter interactions. My classmates and I share to each other our feelings about the challenge. We repeatedly say how itchy we are to touch our phones again.

In the Net

Today is our first class discussion in INTROTE. First day and I’m late. Kung di lang mabagal yung jeep na sinakyan ko baka umabot ako on time at nakapili ng magandang pwesto.

So we had these review about traditional media and talked about the progress of technology. Ms. Rain, our professor, share with us the different patterns of communication. At first, I’m wondering why she’s discussing that because this subject is about communication technology. But then she asked us if the internet converge those patterns. Oo nga naman, the internet put together those patterns.

‘What if the information on the internet crash down?’, Ms. Rain asked. Ano na lang daw ang makikita namin. Dahil ‘yon sa graph na nakadrawing sa board ang title Information Flow and Take-up, that graph shows na padami ng padami ang mga supplied information sa internet. Napaisip tuloy ako, yung mga pictures ko nasa Instagram at FB, I share my thoughts on Twitter. Pag nagcrash down ang internet mawawala yung mga ‘yon.Saan ko na kukunin ‘yon? I have read an article before, sabi dun may possibility daw na maging immortal ang tao (not physically) by the thoughts shared on the internet. So pag nagcrash-down na yung information hindi na mangyayari yun at may possibility pa na maging forgotten yung mga legendary personalities and events.

We’ve also discuss the problems brought by the internet. My problem is the spread of unpleasant images (pornography or yung mga nakakadiring pictures). Madalas na may ganon sa NewsFeed ko on Facebook hindi ko na mabilang kung ilan na ang in-unfriend ko dahil sa mga ganong posts nila.